The best experience of Black Friday in 2022: You can buy this 40Gbps USB4 Enclosure for $135.99

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Ankmax launched the 10Gbps NVMe and SATA M.2 SSD Enclosure UC31M2 last year, and released the faster USB4 NVMe M.2 SSD Enclosure UC4M2 this year. This product has won some favorable comments from users and critics. Ankmax is a leading and reliable USB C peripheral device manufacturer in the industry. The release of new USB4 products this year once again proves the popularity of millions of people. Ankmax is a product that meets their accessory needs - no matter Mac or Windows, or even Android fans.
If you are processing photos, videos or other large files, or you always need to travel, need more storage capacity, and process a large number of your videos and photos faster, then Ankmax USB4 NVMe M.2 SSD Enclosure UC4M2 is the answer!

Ankmax's reputation is one of the top brands in the industry, providing high-quality accessories. This year, the company introduced the fastest USB4 enclosure in the world and tried to make the USB4 enclosure look beautiful.
Ankmax USB4 NVMe M.2 SSD Enclosure UC4M2 sells for $169.99 (Black Friday 2022 promotion $135.99). The product is characterized by a data transmission speed of up to 2540MB/s, which can transmit up to 2GB of data within one second.


Ankmax USB4 enclosure adopts a solid design and is wrapped in a solid, shockproof and vibration resistant silver all metal shell. It has efficient heat dissipation performance. SSD can stick the heat sink in the attachment to keep SSD and Enclosure cool all the time, achieving reliable data transmission and low power consumption. tries to extend the working life of SSD.


Ankmax USB4 enclosure works through the 40Gbps USB4 interface. By using the Thunderbolt3 cable of the attachment, you can plug it into the type-c port. The interfaces supporting Thunderbolt 4, Thunderbolt 3, USB4, USB3.2, USB3.1 and USB2.0 can be used directly. At the same time, you can purchase an additional USB A TO C wire or adapter, and you can also use it on the USB type A interface to ensure that you do not feel any restrictions on data transmission requirements.


Ankmax USB4 enclosure supports Mac, Windows, and even Android settings. No matter what kind of system you belong to, Ankmax USB4 enclosure is suitable for everyone's lifestyle without judgment. MacBook or ThinkPad, Surface or iPad Pro, this USB4 enclosure is applicable to all Thunderbolt 4/3 devices, as well as USB-C mobile phones, tablets and laptops.


The black Friday 2022 USB4 enclosure deal is also moving towards the historical lowest rate before November. If you haven't made changes, these sales may be the perfect time.


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