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At ANKMAX, were committed to creating products that not only offer top notch functionality, but also a sleek & modern feel. We believe that design does not need to be sacrificed in favor of performance and work to bring you products featuring the best of both.





Crafted from premium materials, our products are highly functional without sacrificing style.





Designed with convenience in mind, for products that look great and make life better.





Engineered to last, our products also include a year warranty for ease of mind.









ANKMAX is an innovative brand created with a passion for technology. Focus on computer peripherals, leading the way in sleek and affordable tech products .



OUR PHILOSOPHY:  Innovation Leads the Future!





It All Started With a Single Port…




ANKMAX was one of the first consumer electronics brands to design & carry Type-C products and has since become a leader within the industry.



Over the years we have evolved as a brand and our product line has expanded to meet the growing needs of our customers.



ANKMAX now offers award-winning Type-C hubs & adapters as well as a variety of computer peripherals, and smart home products.

Then We Realized You Needed More




ANKMAX's products are designed with home users in mind, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Given its core competitiveness in hardware and software development, ANKMAX’s commitment is to ensure value and reliability for customers through high-quality products.


Our products can be found in more stores across the globe, allowing to us to enable creativity worldwide. Whether you are an amateur just getting started or a seasoned professional, we’ve got the tools you need to help you produce your best work.



ANKMAX’s  Timeline


  • 2022: Launched the first USB 4 HUB with 8K HDMI and 2.5Gb Ethernet.
  • 2021: Launched the first USB 4 40Gpbs NVMe M.2 SSD Enclosure.
  • 2020: Launched the first USB type C to 2.5G/5G/10GbE network adpater.
  • 2020: Launched the third NVMe/SATA SSD M.2 Enclosure.
  • 2020: Launched the first generation of Thunderbolt 3 hub.
  • 2019: Launched the full series of USB C multiport hub series.
  • 2019: Launched the first generation of the laptop docking station .
  • 2018: Launched the first usb c to usb3.1 Gen2 10Gbps adapter.
  • 2018: Launched the second generation of the usb c ethernet adapter.
  • 2017: Released the first usb3.1 type c dock series.
  • 2017: ANKMAX founded, followed by launch of the first USB adapter.








Global Marketing


ANKMAX’s products are available online worldwide. For example, users can purchase ANKMAX products via Amazon in many countries worldwide. Along with US and Canadian marketing partners such as Amazon, Newegg, eBay, Wish, Aliexpress, Japan (Amazon), Indonesia (Lazada), Vietnam (Shopee) and so on.






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